Q: Are all textiles used for Feiner Goods products vintage or antique?

A : While we do focus primarily on vintage and antique textiles, we sometimes find new textiles we love and include them in the collection. Since the vast majority of our textiles are antique or vintage they may have loose threads, small blemishes or tiny marks on them. These idiosyncrasies make the textile unique, not defective. Of course, all textiles have been professionally cleaned prior to use.

Q: Are the fabrics on the sling chair ok for outdoor use?                        

A:  All of our fabrics have been sprayed with non-toxic, liquid-and-stain repellent spray that is VOC free. That said, we recommend folding up the chairs and storing them under a covering for inclement weather, as most of the fabrics we use are vintage and therefore delicate. Also do not keep the chairs in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time as the fabrics will fade.

Q: How does the custom process work for the sling chair?

A: Step 1: Choose your fabric from the textiles offered.  Step 2: Choose your frame from the wood species offered 3. Order away!                                                                                                Note: Price of chair varies based on textile type and wood species.